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Let our decades of cloud operations experience be your guide to maximizing uptime, reducing risk, and optimizing costs on AWS.

  • Small company agility, big company expertise
  • Diverse technical experience across languages and frameworks
  • Proven proficiency navigating government security requirements
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Our Services

For small software startups

Our "take the lead" approach provides full-service AWS solutions tailored to your needs and budget. We become an extension of your lean team.

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For medium-sized SaaS providers

Bring our "big muscle" AWS experience to your existing processes. We'll integrate seamlessly to up-level your most meaningful cloud initiatives.

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For local governments

Focus on serving your citizens, not worrying about data privacy. Our security-first architectures enable robust cloud compliance.

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For federal agencies

Meet all cloud regulations with confidence. Our time-tested AWS solutions are designed for government compliance from day one.

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Our partner promise

At Morton Insights, we've seen businesses struggle with ineffective AWS strategies and implementations time and again.
All too often, other solution providers commit one or more of the following mistakes:

Shiny object syndrome

Many providers get enamored with the latest cloud technologies and apply them haphazardly, without purposeful architectures tailored to your specific needs. Their solutions become overcomplicated with unnecessary serverless functions or containerization.

Lack of long term vision

Some companies are so focused on launching an initial AWS migration that they neglect planning for ongoing operations and optimization. Their short-sightedness leaves you with runaway costs and disruptions down the road.

Inexperience optimizing AWS spend

Realized cost savings are the entire point of cloud adoption. Yet, many consultants lack deep expertise in intricate AWS pricing models and reserved capacity strategies to truly optimize your investments.

Ops Overhead Afterthought

Similarly, efficient AWS operations and monitoring are an afterthought rather than being baked into the solution design. You're left with unnecessary overhead and potential service disruptions.

Corporate Bloat

Large, bureaucratic cloud consultancies are ill-suited to providing the nimble, creative solutions modern businesses demand. Their processes and overhead get in the way.

Government Barriers

For regulated industries and public sector entities, many AWS partners lack the critical understanding of cybersecurity frameworks and personnel citizenship requirements mandated for government cloud workloads.

AWS Select Partner

As an AWS Partner, we believe that insights reveal the best solution, with ease. Let our experience, deep technical knowledge, and operational focused approach deliver accessible solutions for your cloud needs.

Stop stressing over the technical stuff.

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With Morton Insights, navigate AWS complexity with ease. We're here to streamline your cloud strategy, ensuring you avoid unnecessary complications from the start.